Features & Benefits

Got a Sluggish PC? Just Optimize It.

Boost PC speed

Everyday PC use, installing or uninstalling various applications, browsing the web––all of these activities contribute to an obsolete and corrupt registry. Faulty or empty entries make your computer increasingly sluggish and bloat your registry to the point of a potential system crash. In order to keep your PC running fast and error free, these problems need to be fixed right away. And that's exactly what BitOptimizer does: Boost overall PC speed and make your work stress free.


BitOptimizer completely repairs all the most common system errors that effect your PC, including Com/ActiveX Errors,Slow Windows® Startup, Internet Explorer Errors, Task Manager Errors, Runtime Errors, Slow Application Launches, System32 Errors, Java Errors, Javascript Errors, Chkdsk Errors, Windows® Freezes/Crashes, Virtual Memory Errors and many more.


With BitOptimizer you'll never have to worry about not being able to open or edit your files again. This powerful utility retrieves all the necessary information you need to open unknown/locked files quickly and easily so that you're never left out in the cold.


Time is money and you need to get the most out of both. You're in luck. There's a way to avoid paying expensive computer technicians and having to wait weeks to get your computer back from the repair shop. That way is BitOptimizer. This all-in-one solution has all the best tools to keep your PC running fast and smooth. And best of all? It does all of this automatically, without you having to make a keystroke or click your mouse.