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We are delighted to announce that we have partnered up with ASR to continue to bring you the best solution when it comes to PC Optimization. This is a Highly Certified tool, designed to unleash the full power of your PC. By running a series of cutting-edge optimization tests, ASR makes your Windows®-based OS run as it was intended – nothing less than 100%.

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Who Can Use ASR?

Anybody with a Windows PC can use Advanced System Repair. It's safe, fast, easy to use. So kick back and enjoy the ride. Just like a car, Your PC needs maintenance. Rest assured ASR does this automatically with a few clicks.

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Cutting Edge Tools Built In!

Advanced System Repair brings you all the tools needed to keep your PC blazing fast or to revive an old, faulty and slow machine. Registry repair, Driver manager and Windows Optimizer are just a few of the tools built in. Third-Party certifications is the best way to put the POWER of PROOF behind our claims.

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Powerful PC Optimization Made Easy

  • Optimizes Windows® with a range of completely automated, built-in features including the ultra convenient 'Start Up Manager' that saves time and valuable drive space.
  • Defragments and repairs your disk manually or at preselected intervals for maximum user control.
  • Keeps your private information protected and shields you from all types of malicious online privacy attacks.
  • Gives you the comfort of knowing you'll always be able to open attached files such as treasured family photos and videos.
  • Gives you the luxury of a much faster Internet browsing experience without having to master any complicated technology first.
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